19 Q& A for validating your start-up ideea

Have an idea that you think is worth a lot and cannot wait to put it into practice? But if the idea is still potential free? Here are 19 questions that might help you validate your startup, before investing time, money and other resources:

1. What will solve the problem through your business?  If you can answer this question clearly, it means that your idea is a good one.

2. How have others tried to solve this problem and how it was a success or a failure?  You can learn a lot from people who have gone through these steps before you.

3. How many benefits of your product or idea you find?  If there are more, the better! Thus, your idea can be useful for many people who have ever needed help in the field.

4. Can you state clearly, which are the key features of your product or idea?  If you cannot clearly describe these features mean that the idea should be reconsidered.

5. Your idea already exists in the same manner as you wish to create your own?  If a similar solution exists, how will differentiate yours? If you do not have ideas that differentiate you from others in the market, it is possible to get lost in the crowd.

6. What are your potential competitors?  Competition is not a bad thing – it means there market. It is important to know what to expect because an overcrowded market or consumers have a strong affinity for the dominant brand, it will be harder to get too.

7. What is my product unique characteristics, which cannot be copy by competitors?  Before entering business must have clearly defined characteristics that distinguish you from your competitors.

8. You did a SWOT analysis of your idea?  This analysis will help you understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the potential of your business, giving you a clearer idea of the future.

9. You have access to the resources needed to start the business?  You not have to be rich to start a business, but you need both time and money, depending on the purpose of your idea. However if you have not, you can call a “business angel”.

10. Do you have a mentor or someone who can advise you in the field?  Of course, you can do alone in a business, but when you have help from someone is useful!

11. Can you think of someone who could benefit from your products and services?  This is the beginning of market research – actually, you know someone who could use your idea? A general demographic study is not enough, so use your time to find the “buyer personas”.

12. How big is the market that will buy your product or service?  If you do not know the answer to this question, you need to do more studies. Understanding how many people need your idea – and how are willing to pay for it – will help you determine if your concept is viable.

13. Can you open a site and encourage customers to click for more information?  This can be a simple and cheap way to test the public’s interest in your product or service. If more people are interested in it is a sign that you’re on track!

14. Are you going to launch a minimum viable product just to test the market?  One of the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make is that they will start to launch the product / service completed. Consider the idea to start with small steps to increase over time.

15. You can do those in your target market to order in advance based on a sketch?  Pre-orders are a strong indication of the potential success and customer commitment.

16. You can create one product or you need a partner?  Before launching a business you need to know how many people will be engaged to work on the product or service and if the budget is sufficient.

17.You distributors or partners that can help you increase your business?  Once you have paying, customers will have to increase your distribution to live up to expectations.

18. How do you get to breakeven or how you can make profit?  Some ideas need investment in advance, while others did not. If yours has, while expecting to earn revenue, as well money and to plan your daily needs.

19. How can those who invest in your idea to take profits?  If you want to participate and others to increase your business, you should think and their earnings. Probably it will take some time to answer all these questions, but once you have won, you should have a clearer picture on how your business is potentially viable. If you pass these tests, go ahead! If not, see where you could make some changes!

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